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PaCT 1996-2019: time has been flying by!

We’re hitting the trail August 17th! I likely won’t be posting actively on this blog. You’ll have better luck catching me on the pact.report instagram!

In 1996 when cyberhobo (aka Dylan Kuhn) and I (MAN MADE aka Peter Miles Bergman) decided to call our thru-hike on the PCT at Oregon we made a pact to finish the remaining 900 miles across when we were twice as old in 2019! At the time being 46 seemed preposterous and 2019 seemed like a sci-fi date!

We thought the main challenge would be the passage of time; but, we’ve stayed in touch, stayed in shape , and stayed focused. We’re hitting the trail on August 17 and plan to hit Canada on my 47th birthday October 18th!

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