PaCT Teaser 2007

In 1996 when cyberhobo (aka Dylan Kuhn) and I (MAN MADE aka Peter Miles Bergman) decided to call our thru-hike on the PCT at Oregon after 1700 miles we made a pact to finish the remaining 900 miles across when we were twice as old in 2019! At the time being 46 seemed preposterous and 2019 seemed like a sci-fi date!

The intention was always to make a book or three about the hike. In 2007, as part of an MFA thesis in Visual Communication from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I wrote, edited, and designed an 82 page non-linear narrative that intermingled my 1996 trail diary with 2007 footnotes that commented on and extrapolated from the 1996 text. I’ve never printed more than two copies. Partially it was rushed and needs editing. More so, the narrative is finished as the final chapter – the remaining 900 miles of hiking in 2019 – has yet to be written. I did make this 20 page zine to accompany a photo animated flip book and gallery installation.